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FIFA 16: Great ideas

I’m looking at the cut scenes in this game for some time now across recent series and I can comment on some of these suggestions…

But long story short fifa is on a tight schedule to ship on time every year and polish like this falls by the wayside unfortunately. I’d like to see EA adopt the strategy of Activision where by the call of duty franchise is handled by multiple developers giving each one a 2-3 year cycle for their release. That would allow each studio more time to develop a more polished version.

Motion in cut scene is still unnatural. Joint among motions is bad. – This will likely be because the animations are targeted all at character rigs which are different sizes. To make this stuff look really polished the animations have to be targeted at the same rig.

I think it’s likely in the case of fifa that the same animation files are being applied to a wide variety of character rigs of different size and proportion. It would take too long to make a wider variety of animations for different rigs and take more space of course. Last gen probably couldn’t cope either with too many.

One thing I’ve noticed is the weighting on characters looks pretty rough in places. After the hype about new improved character models I had a wry smile when I saw these rough edges.


End of Match
When end of match, Player’s emotion is different between league and tournament.
More many emotion expression is needed.
And When end of penalty shootout, players are too peaceful.

Much of the mini cunene or short scripted motions look pretty dire really. The * hand waving by the referees is just comical. I already want to smack the lines man with Fifa 16 coins ps4 when he makes those cocky smirk faces when he pulls someone for offside.

I was glad when they finally removed the * sequence of a player pulling his socks up, remember that one? The player never actually touched his socks. Derp. Again that would be because of the different size character rigs.

Special Entrance
When EA announce Barclays Premier League treatment, I expect special entrance cut scene for BPL.
But It isn’t in FIFA 15.
I hope various special entrance cut scene is added in FIFA 16 like these pictures.

THis sort of thing would be good, in single player mode for people who want to see them. For multiplayer it would just frustrate the hell out of people.

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